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Commitment to the environment

In PREMO, a company specialized in the design, development, production and installation of modular, vertical partitioning elements for interiors, we are very aware of our objectives regarding quality and environmental protection policies.
Our resource management policy is driven by the idea of sustainable development, which means, in addition to being certified in ISO 14001, making the following commitments:

  • Reduce, eliminate or control the impact of our resources on the environment, an objective which is integrated into our commitment to quality and business efficiency.
  • Choose procedures and actions, taking into account their lower environmental impact.
  • Comply with existing legislation on sustainability and raise our objectives in all possible areas.
  • Collect, analyze and evaluate all the information generated by our system and through customer opinions, with the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our integrated quality and environmental system.
  • Improve the environmental awareness of employees, suppliers and other collaborators through proposals that are easy to implement.
  • Conduct an annual review of recycling objectives. Adjust and improve habits and processes if necessary.

LEED system

LEED (acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a certification system for green buildings, developed by the US Green Building Council. It was initially implemented in 1998, and has been adopted in various countries around the world since then.

LEED consists of a series of categories concerning the use of green strategies for all types of buildings. It is based on the incorporation into the project of aspects related to energy efficiency, the use of alternative sources of energy, indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, sustainable sites, and materials and resources. There are four levels of qualification: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.