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Premo products: PREMIUM

About Premium

The PREMIUM partition is a combination of steel and aluminuum structures that, together with planks and panes, separate interior spaces. The various series of the premium partition utilise all types of aesthetics such as grooves, double or single glazing, scored of floor to ceiling doors, maintaining quality and aesthetics throughout the installation.
All aesthetic possibilities combined in just one product.

Technical especifications

  • Thickness: 82 mm.
  • Panes: 1 or 2 glass pieces. From 4 mm. to 6+6 mm. thick.
  • Soundproofing: 42 dB.
  • Doors: Blind, glass or mixed. / Frame panel, swing or rail. / 40 or 82 mm. thick. / Visible hinges.
  • Possibilities: Blind, glass or mixed. Partition cupboards.
  • Options: Venetian blind between panes.
  • Interior supports: Steel 0,7 mm.
  • Bottom Runner: Visible.
  • Exterior profiles: Anodised or lacquered aluminium.
  • Top Runner: Visible.
  • Interior: 50 mm. thick rock wool.
  • Corners: Straight or curved corner in aluminium.
  • Panels: All types of decorative panels, 13 mm. thick.
  • Panel joints: 3 or 10 mm. groove with aluminium profile. / Cover plate of aluminium.